28 Chemistry Gifts That Will Get A Reaction From Any Science Nerd

We found some fantastic and geeky gift ideas for chemistry teachers, chemists, and other science nerds. These ideas are practical, amusing, and unique, from glassware to clothing. Here are some solid chemistry gift ideas that will surely get a reaction (pun intended) from the science geeks in your life.

What to get someone who likes chemistry?

Dive into the fascinating world of chemical wonders with our guide on what to procure for someone whose heart resonates with the periodic table’s rhythms! If molecules, reactions, and elements set their nerd heart aflutter, you’re in the right place. From molecular gastronomy kits that let them concoct edible experiments to witty chemistry-themed apparel that transforms everyday attire into a science statement, our selection is as diverse as the elements themselves.
Whether they’re a seasoned chemist or simply infatuated with the mysteries of the atom, these meticulously chosen gift ideas will undoubtedly ignite their passion for the molecular dance that shapes our universe. Get ready to impress the chem enthusiast in your life with gifts that celebrate the beauty of chemical bonding and the thrill of scientific exploration!

Periodic Tableware Laboratory Flask Cocktail Shaker Set


We celebrate the nostalgic charm of scientific glassware, appreciated for its kitschy allure and the sleek aesthetics of its curves. Our set, featuring two beaker and two flask borosilicate shot glasses, is crafted from thick-walled borosilicate glass with kiln-fired enamel graduations, offering both scientific flair and iconic design. Plus, enjoy a touch of retro with the included vintage-style instruction manual!

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Serotonin Molecule Necklace


A chemical structure turned into a piece of delicate jewelry. Serotonin is a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. Give them a gift of science and joy. This is perfect for the women in science in your life. 

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You’re Overreacting Mug


If they are spending all day in the chemistry lab, then this mug is a must. This You’re Overreacting Mug is perfect for those who love chemistry jokes and love a good laugh—a conversation starter. Makes an excellent chemistry teacher gift.

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Beaker Terrarium


This unique chemistry terrarium is the perfect accent to industrial chic home decor. It is made from an Erlenmeyer flask planted with freshly collected Dicranum Mood Moss, an easy-to-care-for plant perfectly suited for terrarium life. The tapered shape of the lab flasks keeps moisture inside and reduces the need for frequent watering! 

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Beaker Wine Glasses

Wine lover meets chemistry nerd. If you are looking for a practical yet funny science gift this Periodic Tableware marries the clarity of science with the art of mixology, capturing the reaction between laboratory glass and modern barware. Perfect science gift for a wine drinker! These also come in beaker mugs and shot glasses.

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Chemist Spice Rack


Chemistry Spice Rack 14 Piece Set includes nine test tubes for spices, three Erlenmeyer flasks for sugar, salt and pepper, an Erlenmeyer flask for oil, and a carrying tray; Salt and pepper flasks have holes for shakers; Each flask has a rubber stopper; Set includes 36 stickers to choose which spices you wish to display.

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Custom Periodic Cutting Board


This periodic table of the elements cutting board is the perfect gift for any science lover and likes to cook. This bamboo cutting board is pre-oiled for lasting durability. Whether on duty or display, this beautiful laser engraved cutting board. Bamboo is more robust than hardwood, easier on kitchen knives, and is more sustainably harvested than traditional hardwoods.

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Periodic Thermos


Chemists know how vital H2O is for the body. This stainless steel insulated vacuum water bottle keeps beverages hot or cold for hours. Compact design on leather cover travel mug will show your personality and make a difference for on-the-go activities. A cute idea for a chemistry student.

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Name Key Chain


This key clip comes customized with chemical elements from the periodic table to spell out your name! A great gift for science geeks, chemistry majors, and science teachers! Clip this keychain into your backpack or use it for a personalized keyring. The trigger clip option works great for about 3 or 4 keys, or choose the split ring option for a traditional keyring style.

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Periodic Table Wrapping Paper


The perfect wrapping paper choice for scientists and science enthusiasts! The highly versatile design makes it an excellent option for wrapping any gift, whether for graduation, retirement, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, baby showers, or teacher gifts. 

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Throw Pillow


This science theme hand-drawn style chemistry laboratory decorative square accent pillowcase is a way for them to show their love of science in the home. It makes one of the best gifts you can give to someone decorating their house.

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Chemistry Coasters


Add a dash of chemistry-inspired style to your home with the Marble Benzene Chemistry Coaster Set, featuring 4 eye-catching coasters made from white, green, or black marble, each adorned with the classic benzene molecule symbol. Built for durability, these premium marble coasters boast a sturdy base and foam pads to protect your surfaces from scratches and condensation – the perfect conversation starter for any science enthusiast’s living space!

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Chemistry of Wine Glass


A science-themed sand-etched wine tumbler! Each glass features a detailed look at the molecules found in wine, with a short explanation of how each molecule contributes to this classic drink. Perfect for science and chemistry lovers. The glass is carefully packed in an elegant gift box and chosen to make a lasting impression! Find the science of coffee mugs here for your favorite coffee lover.

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Element Cards


Whether you find chemistry a bit “Boron” or have a dog named Promethium, you’ll love the Elements Card Deck! A mesmerizing memorizing aid for people ages 10 to adult, it features big, beautiful photographs of all 118 elements and scientific facts on the back of each one. The deck also includes additional cards explaining the elements’ properties and arrangements and suggests activities to help you study. Get yours before they Argon.

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Double Helix Necklace


This beautiful DNA necklace is both nerdy and elegant- they can wear it for work or play. Neatly wrapped, it comes with a beautiful box ready for gifting. Perfect gift for any occasion.

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Noble Gases Mug


This geeky periodic table chemistry mug makes a great gag gift, Christmas gift, or birthday gift for an organic chemistry science nerd. The premium full-color sublimation imprint creates a vibrant, long-lasting, and lead-free design. This 11-ounce white ceramic coffee mug also will whatever drink they desire.

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Freddy Mercury Tee


This clever tee will make any chemistry nerd smile from ear to ear. This excellent fitting top is preshrunk, moisture-wicking tri-blend soft fabric with a vintage look.

Colorful, comfy chem socks make the best gifts for geeks – they get incredible reactions from the recipient! These socks feature a bold blue color along with fun science icons like laboratory equipment and atomic models. The bottom of the socks show a secret hidden joke that science geeks are sure to laugh over: “Never Trust An Atom, They Make Up Everything Up”.

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Periodic Table of Elements Scarf


This lightweight chemistry periodic table infinity scarf is great for any season. The scarf features a sewn-in double layer with no open seams or raw edges. It’s a great way to periodically (pun intended) accessorize an outfit.

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Chemistry Dress


Your quirky ensembles consistently earn your attention, and this adorable blue chemistry dress continues your tradition of extraordinary style! Featuring several science formulas as its print, this dress will turn heads and break hearts! 

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Periodic Table Leggings


Indulge in brilliant style with these printed leggings! Brightly colored, these periodic table leggings are silky-soft, giving your look an air of quirky charm. What a clever way to refresh your wardrobe!

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Laptop Sticker Decal 


Can’t live without C8H10N4O2, Caffeine, coffee!!? This chemistry art is an excellent addition to any surface to express your love for chemistry or for this fantastic psychoactive drug or to show off your nerdiness.

Caffeine Molecule Cufflinks


Molecular formula cufflinks are an excellent gift for that chemistry lover who also likes to look dapper. All handmade well polished. Thick strengthening clasps, sturdy and durable, and perfect for daily outfits. This caffeine molecule cufflink is the ideal high-quality graduation gift for the coffee lover in your life!

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Stay Positive Tee


We love everything about this science shirt. This shirt has great style and a great message. Life can be hard sometimes. No matter what you’re up against, remember to think like a proton and stay positive!

Vintage Science Lab Canvas Print


This vintage science lab print makes a spectacular addition to any science-lovers home decor! Put this in the man cave, dining room, or anywhere else you want to give a unique vibe too! A fantastic gift for any Chemistry or Biology student or a fabulous addition to your office, home decor!

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Chemistry Pint Glasses


Whether you’re the type who goes wild for a refreshing IPA or you’re just really into chemical compounds, this set of two dishwasher-safe pint glasses makes drinking any liquid an explosion of fun! It’s more fun if you’re drinking a nice beer, but all drinks are pretty fun in these glasses. 

Molecular Mixology Set


There is being a good mixologist, and then there is being a next-level mixologist. Next-level can be achieved with this molecular mixology kit. A beginner needs everything to start mixing up creative takes on cocktails, including recipes and detailed instructions. 

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Chemistry Lipbalm Lab


Perfect for the woman or girl who loves both science & lip balm. It’s a sweet treat for smart lips! MindWare Lip Balm kit is a science experiment kit that makes understanding chemistry basics fun, easy and safe. Learn about chemical properties as you make your lip balm! Use chemistry to explore the science of lip protection. In addition to experimenting with formulas, colors, and shimmers, you will add SPF and learn about the sun’s UV rays.

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Periodic Table Pencil Case


This periodic pen case (or cosmetic bag) is made of superior quality and durable cloth. The main compartment has a zipper closure and easily fits into your purse, school bag, backpack, and briefcase.

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